Construction management is a comprehensive supervision and control of construction works and projects, as well as evaluation of design solutions and selected materials and equipment from the initial to the final stages of a construction project. Professional construction management helps avoid mistakes, various risk factors, inefficient use of funds or conflicts of interest.

Having been working with many different types and purposes of construction buildings – administrative buildings, factory buildings, hotels, apartment houses, public and cultural heritage buildings, we have gained a lot of experience and practical knowledge which we use to perform management services more efficiently than usual.

Construction management services:

Scheduling of construction works and tenders
Preparation of tenders
Analysis of tender proposals and preparation of reports
Preparation of contracts and control of their implementation
Project budgeting and control
Representation of a client in negotiations with contractors
Management of project documentation
Arrangement of construction completion procedures on a client’s behalf

Experience is important when choosing a construction manager

The scale of documentation involved while implementing a real estate project is vast. Not having enough experience in construction management or knowledge of the construction laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, opens a risk of delaying the deadlines and therefore a customer may suffer financially. We can assure that our team of professionals have experience in dealing with great amount of documentation, thus the customer is no longer burdened with documents or other additional problems.


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