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Construction management services start from evaluating customer’s expectations and the challenges of today’s real estate market. As there is a long way to go while implementing a project from its initial idea to a successful completion, it is very important to choose a reliable construction management partner at the initial stage of a project.

Many clients and real estate developers come to us having great ideas and visions that they would like to implement, but often have no experience in the fields of construction and project development. We help customers specify their needs and provide a great variety of services such as technical design coordination, tendering for contractors and suppliers, organizing procurement procedures, controlling budgets, reviewing all necessary documents and their preparation.

Design management

Design management includes the preparation and coordination of a targeted action plan, assistance in organizing a design team, budget planning, design scheduling and control, setting up a team of high-quality specialists, performing technical design expertise.

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Construction management

Construction management is a comprehensive supervision and control of construction works and projects, evaluation of design solutions, selected materials and equipment from the initial to the final stages of a construction project.

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Technical supervision

Technical supervision specialists control if the building is constructed in accordance to design, under the contract and if it complies with the requirements of laws and other legal acts.

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Other construction services

We perform design examination, contractor's work control, audit on design solutions and actually performed construction works as well as financial audit.

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